Historic Woodhall Spa

Hotel Woodhall England

  • The history of the house, not least of all its connection to aviation history
  • Walking in the gardens and exploring the Lincolnshire Wolds
  • Excellent cuisine made from local ingredients
  • The original Edwardian features bring a bygone age back to life
  • Golfers love being adjacent to Woodhall Spa Golf

A Quintessentially English Historic Country House In Lincolnshire

Petwood Hotel Awards
AA Hotel 77 %

Located in 30 acres of grounds only 19 miles from Lincoln, Petwood Hotel offers a peaceful setting in the heart of Lincolnshire making it an ideal base to discover this historic county. Built as a private home for an Edwardian baroness who entertained many illustrious guests from royalty to stars of stage and screen, the house was later requisitioned by the RAF as the WWII Officers’ Mess of the legendary 617 “Dambusters” Squadron. Today, the hotel offers the charm of a country residence, the homeliness of an independent hotel and the perfect location to relax and unwind.

The bedrooms range from classic simplicity to sumptuous suites, with many rooms giving views over the lovely gardens and Lincolnshire Wolds. Especially luxurious is the Weigall Suite, named after the founding family of Petwood, with two storey accommodation and a sitting room overlooking the gardens.

Descend down the elegant hand carved oak staircase to the beautiful dining room. Head Chef Philip Long has developed close relationships with local suppliers to bring you the finest and freshest Lincolnshire ingredients. The Terrace Bar also serves more informal meals with no compromise in service or quality. Also highly recommended are pre or post-dinner drinks on the terrace in warm weather and in front of the log fire in the drawing room in the cooler months.

For total relaxation, a wide range of wellbeing and beauty treatments is available. Golfers will love the fact that 2 minutes’ drive away is Woodhall Spa Golf Club, including the renowned Hotchkin Course which is consistently ranked among the top 50 in the world. Only a short drive away is the cathedral city of Lincoln, The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Visitor Centre, National Trust Tattershall Castle and the natural, unspoilt and uncrowded beauty of the Lincolnshire Wolds.


Petwood Hotel

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