Leyburn, North Yorkshire

Hotels Leyburn North Yorkshire

All are rooms are contemporary and light, but most of all comfy and relaxing, so you’ll quickly feel at home.

We have rooms with twin beds, king size beds and family/rooms that sleep three and four. We hope there’ll be a room here to suit you. For residents use only, we have a drying room, suitable for drying off your waterproofs and boots, should you be unlucky enough to catch a shower or two…

Pub and restaurant

Everybody is welcome here! You’ll find a relaxed place where you can quench your thirst after a day of exploring the beautiful Dales. We also serve great food, and our usual food service times are 12 – 2.30pm and 6 – 9pm.

Our Chefs are skilled and eager to cook for you, and have produced menus which will appeal to all tastes. Whilst producing great meat and fish dishes, our Chefs are able to produce the most delicious vegetarian and vegan food around, with real veggie choice. You will see that there is real something tasty for everybody. If you have any dietary requirements, please tell us, we’ll do what we can to make you something very tasty.

Quality, locally sourced and reasonably priced food is what our kitchen is all about.

At the Aysgarth Falls Hotel you can be sure of chat, a book or a paper to read, in a cosy bar - usually with a real fire too.

On a good day, we have lovely outside areas for you to use and Aysgarth Falls is right at the bottom of our garden (well - field!). A stroll down between pints – how can you beat it? Dogs on a lead are welcome in our pub, let us know if your dog is thirsty too, as long as they are teetotal, we’ll find a drink for them too!

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