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Featured in The Times '50 best winter weekends in the UK' Oct 2013!

Lovely Cottage is a sweet one bedroom apartment set in a refurbished stone Yorkshire cottage in Swaledale. Enjoying what many consider as the best view in the Dales, looking down over the valley between the hills of Kisdon and Lovely Seat, it is the perfect romantic hideaway. A great spot to pop the question if you're looking for a location with serious wow-factor!

The apartment is also dog friendly so if you want to bring your pet away with you feel free. They will love the 5 acres of wood and meadow to charge around in.

Accessed by external steps, the accommodation is all set on the first floor of the cottage. Inside you’ll find an open plan kitchen, lounge and dining area complete with exposed stone wall and cosy wood burning stove. The star of the show is the private balcony complete with table and chairs - the view from here is simply stunning.

The double bedroom features a super-king size bed with a 1000 pocket sprung mattress and also looks out onto the valley below. The comfortable bathroom includes a bath, perfect for a dip after those long country walks.

Outside, the grounds include a cottage garden, paved patio, five acres of meadows with meandering streams and a small woodland. The fantastic leisure facilities include an outdoor hot tub, again with that amazing view as the backdrop, and an infra-red sauna.

Lovely Cottage welcomes babies and provides a travel cot, high-chair & steriliser if needed. Please note due to the steps around the property it's not suitable for toddlers. Lovely also welcomes up to 2 medium sized well-behaved dogs.

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