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Yorkshire Dales Hotel offers

Beautiful Rooms with Individuality

From our 'Greenwood' room with luxury four-poster, super king size bed to our intimate 'Serenity Spa' with private out door hot tub and infra-red sauna. All of our rooms are beautifully decorated and provide everything you could ever need for a luxurious or romantic getaway.


  • “The Evening meal was fantastic and waiting staff were so lovely. I would most defiantly stay here again and we thank all the staff at Ashmount Country House for making my partners birthday one to remember.”

    Lesley Keene - The Sanctuary Spa

    “Lovely relaxing room. Very warm, friendly and welcoming staff. It was like home away from home with the added luxury of a hot tub and amazing food.”

    Charlotte Moore - The Serenity Spa

  • “The best hotel we’ve been to. Spotlessly clean, food was amazing….staff were so so helpful. Complimentary cherry on arrival was a very lovely touch. Thanks for making us so welcome! We’ll definitely be back!”

    Lisa Charlotte - The Retreat @ No.21

    “The stay in the Hideaway Spa room in June 2015 was beyond expectations. Staff, location, building, food, treats, all absolutely fantastic.
    We continue to recommend you. We WILL be back !!”

    Rosie Mary - The Hideaway Spa

  • “Beautiful hotel, Friendly staff! – would recommend a stay in the secret garden! and will be going back! :-)”

    Charlotte Hall - Dr Greenwood

    “An amazing hotel… Spent some many lovely romantic nights here. Food is to die for and the most beautifully special rooms. Can’t wait to come back in November, get our sanctuary ready please xxx”

    Stacey Lousie Wood - The Sancyuary Spa

  • “Beautiful hotel, lovely staff and excellent food we stayed here on and will be looking to stay again for our wedding anniversary next July xx”

    Rachel Clark-Moore -

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