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As more people choose to spend their leisure time in the UK and Ireland, there has been a growth in the popularity for installing hot tubs in holiday accommodation, to enhance the visitor experience at these venues. They are a fabulous way of relaxing and having fun, without the hassle of airport / ferry delays and being away from your favourite food and drink!

A number of holiday venues have been keen to demonstrate that they are responsible site owners when it comes to safely maintaining their hot tubs. By joining BISHTA, these companies can demonstrate that they have staff that are trained to understand the importance of water hygiene management. These companies have also agreed to abide by BISHTA’s Code of Ethics, so you can expect them to behave in an ethical manner.

For details of the holiday venues that are currently BISHTA members please click

BISHTA continues to work with the holiday homes and parks industry to ensure everyone is working towards the recognised guidelines. When you visit a holiday lodge or home, it is important that the hot tub equipment meets industry standards and that it is carefully maintained to ensure safe usage. Key issues often revolve around the water treatment regime provided to ensure the water is clean and safe to bathe in, so make sure you ask the site staff how the hot tubs are maintained. Records will need to be kept, so if you are in any doubt, ask to see the daily records test sheets.

Do you own your own holiday home with a hot tub? We have lots of helpful information on maintaining your equipment, click here for more information.

If you are a holiday home company that is considering joining BISHTA, a leaflet is available to download explaining more about the benefits of membership, we look forward to hearing from you! JOIN NOW!

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Cafe Woodhall North Yorkshire

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