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Winter Break SpecialA selection of recent comments from our lovely customers

My wife and I enjoyed our stay in October 2016. The bar food was very good and we sat close to the open fire - a nice treat on an autumnal evening. The porridge for breakfast was one of the best I have tried - even in Scotland. Our room overlooking the car park was comfortable but there was a draught from the hopper window when closed. We arrived in our classic sports car and the 10% discount on our bill was a welcome surprise. We will visit again.

burns night event special offer- Jim. (the Elan man).

We booked last minute to visit the Fat Lamb with our two children. We all absolutely loved it. The room was cosy. The food for the evening meal was enjoyed by all of us and the service was great. Breakfast was also really nice. Our boys particularly liked having adventures in the garden and nature reserve. Such a great location for families. We will visit again.

We needed somewhere to break a journey and The Fat Lamb was ideally situated, not least because of its proximity to the M6 (around 15 miles from Tebay).Valentine Dinner Country Inn Romance Booking was easy and we were contacted to confirm the details of the booking, which included £20 each for dinner and were advised that it would be the weekend of the Appleby Fair. We were welcomed on arrival, invited to book for dinner as it was likely to be busy and shown our room which was comfortable. We were pleasantly surprised to find the inn had a small wildlife area and spent an enjoyable hour exploring it and observing geese and swans with their young. Despite having been advised that the dinner menu would be restricted because of the Fair, there was a good choice of à la carte and other meals, using mainly locally-sourced ingredients.Mothers Day Country Inn Cosy The meal (taken in the bar) was promptly served and delicious, while the bar area had seating to allow us to sit and read after eating. Breakfast the next morning was well organised, with tables allocated by room number and the service efficient. We intend to stay again, but will bring boots for the wildlife area!

The fat lamb recently catered for our group of 30+ family members on the bank holiday weekend with ease, the food was delicious and the staff and service were top class. Lovely scenic location with plenty of parking, I would highly recommend this as a venue.

Sporting Bears Motor ClubJohn & Deb Barkley

Have just taken a party from my local U3A walk group for a three night break. It was universally agreed that the Fat Lamb was an excellent venue for our peregrinations. The setting is superb - even the rain takes on a different dimension - the walking potential endless and it is very, very hard to find anything to fault with the ambience and service within the pub. We will be looking to return, I am sure.

Walker - U3A Walking Group

Called in here again for lunch, on the way back from Cumbria. Very good steak pie and good value for money. Served in good time by friendly competent staff. Very good beers, and coffee after lunch. Couldn't fault either the welcome or the meal - both excellent. The views from this pub are amazing, and they have their own Nature Reserve.

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