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Dales Driving Route from Thirsk

My husband and I will be staying in Crayke at the Durham Ox for three nights in September. We will be visiting Thirsk, as my husband is very interested in the Herriott Museum. We would like to spend one full day driving through the Dales, though we realize with 1.5 hours just to get to the edge of the Dales, we will only be able to see a small area. Would appreciate feedback on our driving route, particularly if there is a more interesting route back to Crayke. We will probably want to take the A1 (M) toward Grinton / Reeth just to have the quickest route to get there, and depending on how the day goes, we might have time at the end to take a more interesting route back.

Crayke to Grinton via A1 (M). Take Swale Hall Lane route toward Askrigg. Carry on to Hawes via Longshaw, perhaps lunch at the Heifer or the Creamery. Take Baggamans Road south out of Hawes and loop around back up to Aysgarth via B6160/Eshington Lane. Then head back to Crayke.

We are planning to stop here and there as the mood strikes us, but are mostly looking for a nice scenic drive (I know, I know, the entirety of the Dales is scenic) off the main roads. Would love to go through Harrogate or Ripon, but are sensitive to the fact that the itinerary above will take four hours AT LEAST, just driving. Thanks in advance for the input.

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