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Parking Newbiggin North Yorkshire

Whether you want to relax in the countryside, head out exploring or visit unusual and interesting attractions, Street Head Caravan Park is an ideal base.

On our Doorstep:

If you like waterfalls then you've come to the right place. Aysgarth Falls and West Burton's Cauldron Falls are nearby and both can be enjoyed during a scenic 4 mile circular walk from the park. This walk also takes in all 6 pubs and 5 cafes as mentioned before.

Step back in history on a visit to Bolton Castle where Mary Queen of Scots once stayed while under house arrest. Rooms have been made up just as they would have been during her time there. You can run through the maze, try your hand at archery, watch a falconry display and enjoy feeding time for the wild boar before your own refreshments in the café (next to a huge real fire).

Not far from the Castle is Redmire Station, the most western station on the revived Wensleydale Railway which runs East through Leyburn and ends at Leeming Bar.


A traditional dales town with outdoor market on Tuesdays, you can't go to Hawes without visiting The Hawes Creamery, where REAL wensleydale cheese is made. Other attractions in or near Hawes include Gayle Mill, The Dales Coutryside Museum, The Ropemakers and Hardraw Force waterfall.


Friday is market day when the town comes alive. A central market place is surrounded by shops, boutiques, cafe's and pubs. Heading out on the Bedale road you'll find The Teapottery and The Little Chocolate Shop on the small industrial estate, right next to Tennents Auction House and The Garden Rooms. Every year Leyburn plays host to the Dales Festival of Food and Drink (June), the 1940's Weekend (July) and The Wensleydale Agricultural Show (August).

Middleham and Coverdale

Middleham is mostly famous for it's Castle, once the home of Richard III; but equally so for it's Racehorses that can be seen from early morning walking through the town on their way to or back from the gallops on Middleham Moor. Carry on into Coverdale and to the Forbidden Corner, thought to be 'the weirdest place on earth', a labyrinth of tunnels, caves, mazes, secret paths and surprises at every turn, booking is essential.


An amazing town steeped in history and so much to offer. A central market place (market days Wednesday and Saturday) with narrow cobbled streets filled with shops to delight any shopper. From the Friary Gardens to the magnificent Richmond Castle, The Georgian Theatre to the Green Howards Museum. The Station houses 3 cinemas, an art gallery, a restaurant, delis, an ice cream parlour and more, follow the path along the river Swale where the railway line once ran to Easby Abbey and you won't be disappointed.

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