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BAYNBRIGGE OF SNOTTERTON Richard Baynbrigge married unknown. Of Snotterton, in the Bishoprick of Durham, England. I. John Baynbrigge. A. Richard Baynbrigge. 1. John Baynbrigge. "Son and heir". a. John Baynbrigge married Anne Sherwood, (daughter of Ralph Sherwood and unknown). "Of Snotterton". (1) Anthony Baynbrigge married Anne Thirkell. Anne: "Of Denton". (a) Thomas Baynbrigge. (b) Henry Baynbrigge. (c) George Baynbrigge married Elizabeth Bowes, (daughter of Richard Bowes and unknown). "Of Snotterton (as of?) 1575." Source of the Snotterton Bainbridge information. [1] Richard Baynbrigge. "Son and heir". [2] Francis Baynbrigge. (d) Charles Baynbrigge. (e) John Baynbrigge. (2) Henry Baynbrigge. (3) Ralph Baynbrigge. (4) Ralph Baynbrigge, junior. (5) Cuthbert Baynbrigge. BAYNBRIGG OF WHETELY HILL (PG. 6 & 7) 2. Richard Baynbridge married Agnes Rodes. This starts the line of "Baynbrigg of Wheteley Hill". This chart states Richard was "a younger son of Baynbridge of Snotterton", and counting the generations puts him as Richard senior's son. Agnes: Chart says "dau. & heir of Robert Rodes" with a footnote: "In Surtes' History of Durham, vol 1 p. 101, Richard Baynbridge is said to have married Alice, daughter of John Rodes, the niece and heiress of Robert Rodes, of Little Eden, Esq." a. Philip Baynbridge married Margaret Strangwayes. Margaret: "Of Smeaton". (1) Frances Baynbridge married Margery Blaykeston, (daughter of Thomas Blaykeston and unknown). (a) Thomas Baynbridge married Catherine Hedworth, (daughter of John Hedworth and unknown). Catherine: "Of Harraton". [1] John Baynbrigge married (1) Isabell Welbury, (daughter of Anthony Welbury and unknown) married (2) Frances Robson, (daughter of Robert Robson and unknown). [A] Francis Baynbrigge (son of John Baynbrigge and Isabell Welbury) born about 1601. [B] Mary Baynbrigge (daughter of John Baynbrigge and Isabell Welbury). [C] Henry Baynbrigge (son of John Baynbrigge and Frances Robson). [D] Thomasin Baynbrigge (daughter of John Baynbrigge and Frances Robson). [E] Raoph Baynbrigge (son of John Baynbrigge and Frances Robson). [F] Frances Baynbrigge (daughter of John Baynbrigge and Frances Robson). [2] Philip Baynbrigge married Hester Baynbridge, (daughter of William Baynbridge and unknown). [A] Barnaby Baynbrigge born about 1603. [B] John Baynbrigge born about 1605. [C] Elizabeth Baynbrigge. (b) Philip Baynbridge. (c) Robert Baynbridge. (d) Anthony Baynbridge. (e) John Baynbridge. (f) Alice Baynbridge. (g) Eleanor Baynbridge. (h) Deborah Baynbridge. (i) Elizabeth Baynbridge. (j) Frances Baynbridge. (k) Susan Baynbridge. BAINBRIGG OF FREER HOUSE (Not connected to the family above) Guy Baynbrigg married unknown. "Of the Parish of Middleton...

These three BAINBRIDGE lines are transcribed from "Durham Visitation Pedigrees", edited by Joseph Foster, pub. London, 1887. This book was found in the Toronto Reference Library (Baldwin Room) call #929.726 F48.
"This pedigree is witnessed for true by the subscription of George Baynbrigge of Snotterton aforsaid, on Frydaye the 29 July anno 1575, at Aukland, in the Bishoprick of Durham".

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