North Yorkshire Dales

Accommodation Worton North Yorkshire

This friendly free house offers traditional cask ales, freshly cooked food and cosy accommodation. The well-known Anchor Inn Carvery provides a varied choice of freshly prepared quality regional favourites sourced from local producers and prepared on a daily basis. Homemade hot & cold sweets are always available.

Families are always welcome with hi-chairs provided and a small children’s play area situated outside adjacent to the ample car park. We also have baby changing facilities. Functions are welcome in the garden room which can seat more than 100.

Following our recent refurbishment of the rear entrance we now have full disabled access and a disabled toilet.

The Anchor Inn is set in the award winning village of the year Whixley where, the annual open gardens fete, flower show and scarecrow trail takes place. Whixley is ideally situated for an easy journey to York, Harrogate, and Leeds and of course the fabulous Yorkshire countryside.

Horse Racing features highly in this area with Ripon, Thirsk, Wetherby and York race courses each within 20 minutes journey time.


Situated adjacent to the inn, the five chalet style rooms were fully refurbished in May 2007. They now provide bright, warm and modern accommodation, complete with ensuite showers. All rooms have twin beds and some can be converted to family rooms, sleeping up to two adults and one child. Tea & coffee facilities are provided along with TV’s; please ask for hairdryer or iron. All rooms are no smoking.

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