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Located in the Harrogate District, Nidderdale takes its name from the River Nidd. It is easy to see why Upper Nidderdale has been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, AONB

Amidst the patchwork pattern of dry stone walls and broad, green meadows is the town of Pateley Bridge. Its setting draws visitors from throughout the region who visit its craft centres, fine village pubs and country tearooms. One of the largest attractions every year is the Nidderdale Agricultural Show, held in September.

For a truly authentic taste of early Dales life visit Nidderdale Museum. Winner of a National Heritage Museum of the Year Award, this fascinating exhibition is situated in the original Victorian Workhouse, and features an exhaustive collection of artefacts that chart the history of the area.

At the head of Nidderdale is the highly prized bird sanctuary at Gouthwaite Reservoir. The River Nidd feeds this water paradise having already passed through Angram and Scar House reservoirs before flowing through Lofthouse and Ramsgill.

How Stean Gorge in Upper Nidderdale is known as ‘Yorkshire’s Little Switzerland’ and is very much part of Nidderdale’s spectacular scenery, with a dramatic limestone cleft, 80 feet deep in places. There is ample car parking, and bridges, walks, play area and cafe make this visit one to remember. At the head of the dale is the village of Middlesmoor, an unspoilt village with cobbled streets leading to the church. From here you can see down the valley with breathtaking views along the Nidderdale Way.

A short distance from Pateley Bridge is Brimham Rocks. This spectacle is one of the most weird and awe-inspiring in England.

The elements have fashioned the rocks into fantastic forms, providing dramatic natural scenery. Now under the protection of The National Trust, an information centre and shop have been opened.

The Nidderdale Way is 53 miles long circular walk and runs along the length of Nidderdale, taking in a large variety of landscapes from riverbank to moors.

The route takes in Pateley Bridge, Glasshouses, Smelthouses, Shaw Mills, Ripley, Hampsthwaite, Birstwith, Darley, Summerbridge, Dacre Banks, Bewerley, Ramsgill, Middlesmoor, Scar House Reservoir, Gouthwaite Reservoir, Wath and back to Pateley Bridge.

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