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Permitted Development Enquiry Service - Do I need planning permission?

Many types of minor development are classed as 'permitted development'. This means they do not require a planning application. These can include certain extensions or alterations to houses or small scale farm developments. The permitted development regulations are quite complicated, for a fee of £30 (including VAT) we can confirm whether your proposal is 'permitted development' or if a planning application is required. For extensions, curtilage buildings and renewable energy please email the relevant enquiry form, for other proposals please send a detailed email outlining your proposal and giving the address of the property. Emails should be sent to We will provide a written response within 5 working days of receipt of the completed enquiry form or email and fee.

The Planning Portal provides guidance on whether planning permission is required. However, the onus is on the homeowner to satisfy themselves that the development they intend to undertake does not require planning permission. Development carried out without the benefit of planning permission may be liable to enforcement action by the Authority.

Pre-application Advice Service – advice on your proposal before you submit a planning application

The Government encourages developers to seek advice before they submit a planning application. Doing this allows planning officers to give advice on any potential problems, or add value to proposals. This 'front-loading' of the planning application process allows applications to be dealt with more quickly and reduces the likelihood of permission being refused.

We provide two types of pre-application advice service:

Service A provides written advice within 10 working days of receipt following a desk-based assessment of the proposal. This includes:

  • a check on information we hold on development constraints
  • an assessment of the relevant national and local planning policy and guidance, insofar as it relates to the proposal
  • advice on the likely material considerations and how they might be addressed.

Service B provides written advice within 10 working days following the site meeting and includes:

  • Service A assessments
  • a visit to the site by a Planning Officer
  • consultations with relevant YDNPA experts such as archaeologists, ecologists and listed building advisers
  • a meeting with the Planning Officer if requested

The level of fee charged for these services is calculated in relation to the cost to the Authority (in staff time and associated costs) of providing the service. For this reason the fee for advice on larger development proposals is higher than that for smaller proposals.

Please note that only a Service A response is available for householder proposals.

Please note: There are no standard forms for submitting Service A or B enquiries. Please consider including the following information when submitting a pre-application enquiry:

  • Location plan.
  • Diagram/Sketch of the proposal, with any measurements preferably in metric units. Annotations are welcome.
  • Description of the proposal.
  • Photographs of the development site/property (where appropriate).

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