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The Snaizeholme red squirrel viewing area lies in the heart of the Widdale Red Squirrel Reserve. Coniferous woodland is ideal habitat for red squirrels. However squirrels can be difficult to see in such densely planted woodlands. We have worked with the local landowners to create a red squirrel viewing area for the public.

For more information on the red squirrel population and what the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority is doing to help protect red squirrels see our Nature in the Dales website.

See squirrels and other wildlife

The Snaizeholme viewpoint and surrounding woodland offer an excellent chance of getting superb views of red squirrels as they visit a feeder in a woodland clearing. With luck you may also see roe deer, along with a variety of woodland birds such as siskin, lesser redpoll and perhaps even a common crossbill.

How to get there

You can take advantage of the Little White Bus service from the Dales Countryside Museum that will take you to Snaizeholme. From the drop-off point, it is a 2.5 mile circular walk to the red squirrel viewpoint.

You can find full details of the Red Squirrel Trail at Snaizeholme by picking up a copy of "Go Nuts for Red Squirrels" leaflet from any of our National Park Centres or call into the Dales Countryside Museum in Hawes.

Pick up a souvenir

Remember your visit to the Yorkshire Dales by purchasing a red squirrel pin-badge. The badge is individually wrapped so can make a great gift for family and friends. All the money from the sale goes to towards red squirrel conservation in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Red squirrel pin-badges are available from our National Park Centres, local businesses around the Dales and online.

Do your bit

If you would like to show your support for the plight of the red squirrels please consider a small donation. We guarantee that 100% of the money you donate will go towards red squirrel conservation within the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

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