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Breakfast Askrigg England

Approach to Askrigg

Askrigg is popular all year round, as it always has something new to offer. For instance, the many waterfalls in and around Askrigg that are particularly exciting during autumn when it is wetter - the mass of water cascading over the cliffs can be a thrilling sight. You can discover the fascinating story of the area, dating back to the Iron Age, at the Dales Countryside Museum and National Park Centre in the nearby town of Hawes. You could even take part in one of the many workshops they hold there or watch one of the demonstrations.

Walking in Askrigg

Askrigg in the Yorkshire Dales nestles midway between Hawes and Leyburn, and is a popular walking holiday base with the surrounding area offering a great choice of walks ranging from easy to challenging. Gentle family friendly walks under 2 miles feature around nearby Aysgarth Falls where you can take in the spectacular three level waterfall and local St Joseph's Woods is great for spotting wildlife.

Local Waterfalls

There are a great many waterfalls in and around Askrigg. The most famous is Aysgarth Falls, but if you want to see one without having to travel too far outside of Askrigg Mill, Gill Force is the best. It is just a short three and a half mile walk from the village and these gentle falls make for fantastic photographs. The highest unbroken waterfall in England is Hardraw Force, which is just six miles away. It sits within a wooden ravine and famously featured in the film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

Things to do near Askrigg

Visit nearby medieval Bolton Castle - the fortress is a mere seven miles from Askrigg and is beautifully preserved. Mary Queen of Scots' was imprisoned here, and the castle was besieged during the Civil War. Bolton Castle offers year round events, ghost tours around Halloween and more. Both adults and children will find the displays, talks and exhibitions absolutely fascinating and a tea room is on-site.

Accommodation in Askrigg

  • Askrigg (0.4 miles from the centre of Askrigg)

    Prices from


    Twin room per night

    Rating from 336 reviews

    This Grade II listed B&B found fame as the front of the vets practice in the 1980's TV show 'All Creatures Great and Small.' Now however, it provides luxury Yorkshire accommodation

  • Aysgarth (1.1 miles from the centre of Askrigg)


    Per Person, Per Night (B&B)

    Rating from 211 reviews

    Bainbridge B&B in the Yorkshire Dales providing comfortable accommodation for leisure breaks and walking weekends. Daily cooked breakfast. Free parking.

  • Askrigg (0.4 miles from the centre of Askrigg)


    Per room, per night (B&B)

    Family- run Victorian B&B with en suite bathrooms, delicious breakfasts and free WiFi. Tranquil location, close to shops and restaurants. Private onsite parking.

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