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Yorkshire Dales Self-Catering Cottages

Welcome to Ingrid Flute’s Yorkshire Holiday Cottages website, offering you a superb choice of holiday homes in Yorkshire, Teesdale & the Durham Dales, and Northumberland. We have been providing visitors with holiday accommodation and a high level of customer service since 1970, making us one of the countries longest established self-catering agencies, and Yorkshire’s largest independent, family-owned agency.

We have over 400 properties, offering you the perfect base to explore Yorkshire and the north of England. Whether you are looking for a cosy fisherman’s cottage or a stunning seaside apartment, a chocolate-box country cottage or a traditional farmhouse, we’re sure to have the ideal property for your holiday or short break. Many of our properties are dog friendly, so you don’t need to leave anyone behind. If you need a large holiday home, or fancy relaxing in style, choose from our range of luxury properties or those with a hot tub or swimming pool. We also have a great choice of timber lodges if you fancy a break in eco-friendly accommodation.

Our selection of Yorkshire coast holiday homes spans the length of Yorkshire’s beautiful heritage coastline. We have a great choice of accommodation in Whitby, popular throughout the year due to its maritime charm, and famous for its connections to James Cook and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Scarborough is an excellent location for those wanting a traditional seaside holiday as well as those seeking all the attractions a large resort can offer. Our properties in the coastal villages, including Robin Hood’s Bay, Runswick Bay and Staithes and Sendsend, offer you the chance to stay in the old, sometimes quirky, traditional cottages in these picture-postcard traditional fishing villages.

Inland, we have a great range of accommodation in the North York Moors, often known as Heartbeat Country as it is the location of that long-running TV drama. If you fancy a holiday in the heart of the North York Moors National Park, have a look at our cottages in villages like Rosedale Abbey, Cropton, Danby, Glaisdale and Grosmont. The bustling towns and villages surrounding the moorland, such as Pickering, Helmsley and Thornton-le-Dale, offer a good choice of amenities as well as being a great location for touring the area.

The Yorkshire Dales scenery is what many people think of when imagining this area. Wide river valleys, criss-crossing dry stone walls and towering peaks and fells combine to produce the most magnificent landscapes. We have holiday homes throughout the Yorkshire Dales National Park, the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and the surrounding area. The market towns of Skipton, Richmond, Leyburn and Hawes are always a popular location for a holiday throughout the year. Alternatively we have holiday homes in many Dales villages including Tosside, Bentham and Gunnerside in beautiful Swaledale.

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