Luxury in the Dales

Dales Accommodation

Poppy Cottage is a delightful cottage tastefully refurbished.

During conversion masses of poppies appeared, hence the name 'Poppy Cottage'. The cottage is set in its own small garden with car park.

The double glazed cottage is all on one level and suitable for all generations. Equally suitable for disabled guests with wheelchairs.

Access statement available on request.

The entrance leads to a cosy sitting room with digital flat screen TV, Video & DVD player and a Radio CD Player.

A sofa bed for an additional guest, a selection of books and walking literature.

Spacious shower room with large shower, toilet and hand basin. Kitchen overlooking open fields with free ranging hens.

Electric storage heating, microwave, fridge, electric hob with electric oven. Washer. Fuel, linen and towels included. A well-behaved pet welcome. No Smoking. Garden furniture, barbeque permitted. This immaculate accommodation is available from £220 to £310 per week.

Short breaks available in low season.


Hollybreen is an 18th century country house with spacious gardens that offer panoramic views of the dales.
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Poppy Cottage

Poppy cottage is a delightful cottage tastefully refurbished. During conversion masses of poppies appeared.
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Hollybreen, Ellingstring, Masham HG4 4PW

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