Dales National Park

Dales National Park

Every summer, the UK's annual National Parks Week celebrates some of our most stunning, treasured landscapes.

There's no better time to get out and explore our incredible National Parks. And there is no better way to get a sense of how to enjoy those landscapes than through National Parks Week - showcasing all that is good about our most special countryside and the wonderful activities you can take part in there.

National Parks Week 2016 runs from Monday 25 to Sunday 31 July and this year's theme is 'Adventure'.

There are some brilliant events taking place throughout this special week to get active, let your imagination run wild, and discover and explore new worlds.

Become a nature detective with us and go stream dipping for mini-beasts on a ‘Wild Wednesday’ at Aysgarth Falls (Weds 27 July). Uncover 'Bugs Galore' (Fri 29 July) using a magnifying glass and identify what you can find living in the woods and in our very own high rise bug hotel.

Test your skills on a high tech treasure hunt then build a den (National Trust, Thurs 28 July) or learn how to light a fire without matches (Kilnsey Park Estate, 30 July).

Make your own kite and then fly it (Weds 27 July), see 'Magical Moths' up close (Sun 31 July) or take a 'Walk Through Time' (Sat 30 July) as part of the national Festival of Archaeology.

Stride out on some fascinating guided walks to learn about the National Park's past, people and places. Follow the Corpse Way, discover relics of the former lead mining industry and meet the Terrible Knitters of Dent!

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